Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Started with FUSE ESB 4.2 Webinar

I'm doing the Getting Started with FUSE ESB 4.2 Webinar tomorrow - 15-July

As always, I'm updating the sample code to reference the latest and greatest version of FUSE. One of the big changes I'm doing this time is making the shared WSDL file a real shared resource. Its always bugged me that I've had two+ copies of the WSDL file in the project, since it needs to be the same for everything to work correctly.

I found a great article on how to do shared resources in Maven here. So we'll see how this goes…

I figure (hope) its helpful to people that this project could be used as a starter template for future projects. It does make the Maven POMs more complicated than they need to be for this simple project, but it reflects the best practices that I've been able to find on the web. My hope is that if this is used as a template for more complicated projects, then all this extra effort will pay off.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the webinar…